Smoked Paprika Hummus

Smoked Paprika Hummus

I only discovered hummus when I moved to London but I haven’t stopped eating it since! It’s creamy, delicious and so versatile. It goes well with vegetable crudities, oven baked vegetables or as a spread on a slice of gluten-free bread. Hummus is made from chickpeas that are high in plant based protein and low GI carbohydrates.
A few weeks ago I made turmeric hummus and absolutely loved it. I recommend making it as it really tastes so delicious. You can find the recipe here.
Smoked paprika is another spice that I like using. It gives a nice smoky flavour and goes well with most vegetables. If you like the flavour of smoked paprika there are a few recipes on my blog using it so check them out.

Healthy dip
Smoked Paprika Hummus

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